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Our online chemical etch and five stage rinse process facilitates for the etching of galvanised products to give a good key for Powder Coat adhesion...this system was developed to eradicate white rust from products prior to coating.

The etched product is then conveyed to the dry-off oven before entering our 9 gun automated spray booth where the selected colour and texture is applied and checked for 100% coverage.
The special recovery 'cyclone' ensures that no excess material is applied or wasted, ensuring maximum efficiency for each job. The excess powder is also recycled through an automated system resulting in little or no waste powder keeping costs to a minimum
The finished articles are then dispatched by conveyor system into the supersized oven and baked for the appropriate time... the products travel 30metres through our oven ensuring even the longest items get proper adhesion and bake time

The coated items are then wrapped and secured and ready for collection or prearranged delivery depending on job specification...

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